Three Foods To Keep You Warm While You Ski

blueberries-531209_640The freezing temperatures of the winter can rankle the bones down to your core. It is not a pleasant situation to be in, but is there a way to heat up? Well, of course, you could turn on the heater or sit beside a fireplace, but is that the only way to get warmer when you come in from skiing and into the lodge?

There are several foods that you can eat and start to notice an increase in your body temperature. It is a must to have these foods in your diet when it comes to the winter months and right after you ski! These are based on the suggestion of NYC underground dining restaurant I Forgot It’s Wednesday, who is constantly changing their menu to cater to the seasonal changes.

1) Warm Oatmeal

Warm oatmeal is one of the most soothing foods a person can have in the morning and is packed with high-grade nutrients as well. IF you plan on hitting the slopes, oatmeal doesn’t have to be just for breakfast. It’s a great snack to warm you right back up.

2) Soup

You can vary the ingredients that are present in the soup, but beans are often recommended. They provide an excellent source of protein and fiber. This is beneficial as a replacement for all the calories you burned while skiing around! Here’s a quick and easy recipe for black bean soup that you can pack in Tupperware and bring with you on your trip!

3) Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is wonderful in the heart of winter. Just the idea of sipping something that has that mocha flavor and feels great on the tongue cup-829091_640is hard to beat. And kids love hot chocolate! If they are too fussy to eat oatmeal or try soup, then you can know you are warming them up by giving them hot chocolate!

These are the three foods to eat in the winter to make sure you are as warm as you can be. The winter months are great as long as you are consuming the right foods and thinking about what is going into your body.