How to Serve Cocktails

While you may enjoy going out for cocktails, there will always be a time when you want to have them at home. Whether you are having drinks with that special someone, or you are having guests over, there is nothing quite like learning how to serve cocktails like a professional who learned from bartending classes NYC.

A cocktail does not have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, they never should be anything but a fun, delicious experience. If you can invest in high-quality glassware, top shelf booze, and some great accessories, you will be well on your way to spinning drinks just like the pros. All you need from there are some useful tips and advice on the art of cocktail making and you will be sipping and enjoying before you know it.

If you end up splurging on anything in your cocktail collection, it should be the glassware. When you are getting your bar ready, look for a selection that will include three main types of glasses. The staples are always going to be the highball, martini and the old-fashioned.

There are also some important tools that you should have in your bar. The shaker offers functionality and fun with mixing, while a mixing glass will help you to get an even stir. A bar spoon is also handy for use in your mixing glass, and a strainer will be able to keep the ice where it belongs in your mixing glass and not in the drink. Finally, a jigger is the perfect way to measure your ingredients for every perfect cocktail.

Once you have everything listed here, including your top shelf alcohol, mixers, and any garnishes, you will find that practice will always make perfect. Start off with some popular drinks with just a few ingredients and then go up in difficulty from there. The result will be your high-level skills when it comes to serving cocktails.