Which Celebrities Have Had Serious Ski Accidents While Vacationing?

solda-1648136_640Skiing is a favorite pastime of many celebrities out there who are trying to get time away from all the hustle and bustle. Their careers are very demanding, and skiing down majestic mountains in solitude is a blissful experience to them. Skiing can of course also be dangerous, and there have been many celebrities who have had ski accidents. Some of them have even died as a result.

You might already know that one of the members of the Kennedy family died as a result of injuries sustained from a ski accident. His name was Michael Kennedy, and he was Robert Kennedy’s son. Ski accidents can occur in all different kinds of ways, and his was the result of slamming into a tree. It was reported that he was with family, and they were playing a speedy game of football.

While it was mentioned that ski accidents happen in all kinds of ways, the next celebrity died in the same way that Michael Kennedy did. Sonny Bono wasn’t playing football, but he also slammed into a tree. Both celebrity ski accident deaths happened within a year of each other. Bono’s death happened in Nevada, while Kennedy’s death happened in Colorado.

The next featured celebrity didn’t die from the injuries he sustained, and you will instantly recognize that fact. Arnold Schwarzenegger did break his leg, however, and his accident happened in 2006. Now, this next celebrity skiing accident is very perplexing indeed. Have you heard of Natasha Richardson?

She was a British actress, and she died in 2009. What’s perplexing about her ski accident is that she fell during her ski lesson. A beginner slope was what took her down, and she simply got up and carried on with her business. She had hit her head, and she didn’t know it was going to kill her hours later. These aren’t all of the celebrities who have had an accident on the slopes, but the stories featured are some of the most well known.